Service Fee, Service Area & Returns

Suddenlee Shopping & Next-Day Delivery

We charge a service fee for each order that we ship to you. This fee includes our shopping services to procure your items, package them all in one box and ship them to you for delivery the next day within the Northeastern United States (see below for a map of our next-day service area). The fee charged is dependent upon your purchase total and includes items from up to two different stores. An extra $2.50 will be charged to shop each additional store over two.

Service Fees

All orders placed Monday through Friday by 1:00 pm ET will be processed the same day. Orders placed after that time will be processed during the next business day. Orders placed on Saturday or Sunday will be processed the following Monday and delivered the next Tuesday thereafter.

We will email you by 5pm ET to verify the status of each item in your order. Once we confirm the purchase of the requested items, we guarantee that your package will be delivered the next day (within the Northeastern US). If your order doesn’t arrive the next day, we will refund you our entire service fee.

Although we do not control or have visibility to each retailer’s inventory, we will make our best attempt to purchase your requested item(s). You will only be charged for items we are able to purchase for you and their applicable service fee. If we aren't able to locate any of the requested items, you will not be charged for your order or our service fee.

Have a special shopping challenge? Check out our shopping concierge service for information on sample sale shopping, special product launches, exclusive merchandise collections and any other major shopping event.

Suddenlee Next-Day Service Area

We currently provide guaranteed next day service to the Northeastern US, including Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts*, New Jersey, New York*, Pennsylvania*, Rhode Island and Washington DC. Please refer to our service map below for exact coverage within the asterisked states.

Customers Outside Our Service Area

Until we’re able to make it to your area with our affordable next day service, for a small additional shipping fee, we’re able to ship to the remainder of the contiguous United States with a 2-6 day delivery option. As an example, customers the Southeast and Midwest will receive their Suddenlee purchases in just two business days for an additional charge of $1.50. The delivery time and additional charge depends on your location and is outlined in the following map:

If you have any questions regarding your specific zip code or our service fees, please email us at

Easy Returns Processing

If you would like to return any items purchased via Suddenlee, we offer an easy, hassle-free return service. Contact us at and we will email you a return shipping label that you can use to send back any of the items you received. All returns must be received within the return time period for each respective retailer. These items must be in the same condition as when it was received and (with all tags still attached) and please include each item's original receipt that was enclosed in your shipment.

Once your return is received, we will complete all the returns and issue a refund back to you for the original value paid for each item, minus a charge of $5.99 for the return shipment (out of area charges will apply for return shipments outside our Northeast service area). We will return the item(s) to the retailer(s) and credit the account used for the original transaction within 7 business days.

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